In The Dark

Go turn of the lights for a minute. It’s okay, I’ll wait. Are they back on yet? Now ponder this: When you turned off the lights, the room was dark. Was it really DARK in the room, or was the room just void of light. Meaning- is there really something called darkness, or is darkness…Continue reading In The Dark

Moses and Me

Ponder this: “Every person can be as righteous as Moses”. Sounds profound, right? Is it true though? Is it possible for you and I, regular old people to be as righteous as the greatest leader of the Jewish people? The words are not my own, but rather a statement made by Mimomodees. But what does…Continue reading Moses and Me

What do Jews eat on December 25?

I just took this from John Krisch’s Facebook page. “The Hebrew year is 5772 and the Chinese year is 4707. That must mean that the Jews went without Chinese food on Christmas for 1065 years.” Certainly something to ponder, what did we eat all those years?

Our Voice Heard

Throughout the high holidays, towards the end of each day’s service, Mesorah DC added a prayer for the releases of captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. The response was overwhelming.  Many of our participants approached myself and the other Mesorah Rabbis to thank us for adding the prayer and to express how important the felt it…Continue reading Our Voice Heard