J Station

1990 K St, NW/Entrance on 20th St

Events at this location


06dec12:00 pmLunch 'N Learn

11dec7:00 pmFeaturedChanukah Event!

13dec12:00 pmLunch 'N Learn

14dec7:30 pmHome 'Beis'

15dec7:00 pmThe Shabbat Circle

16dec10:30 amBook of the Month

18dec7:00 pmCafe Nite

20dec12:00 pmLunch 'N Learn

20dec7:00 pmFeaturedWednesdays for Women

21dec7:30 pmHome 'Beis'

22dec7:00 pmThe Shabbat Circle

25dec7:00 pmCafe Nite

27dec12:00 pmLunch 'N Learn

28dec7:30 pmHome 'Beis'


01jan7:00 pmCafe Nite

03jan12:00 pmLunch 'N Learn

04jan7:30 pmHome 'Beis'

05jan6:30 pmSold Out!FeaturedFriday Night Dinner!

08jan7:00 pmCafe Nite

10jan12:00 pmLunch 'N Learn

11jan7:30 pmHome 'Beis'

15jan7:00 pmCafe Nite

17jan12:00 pmLunch 'N Learn

18jan7:30 pmHome 'Beis'

22jan7:00 pmCafe Nite

24jan12:00 pmLunch 'N Learn

25jan7:30 pmHome 'Beis'

29jan7:00 pmCafe Nite

31jan12:00 pmLunch 'N Learn


01feb7:30 pmHome 'Beis'

02feb6:30 pmSold Out!FeaturedFriday Night Dinner!

05feb7:00 pmCafe Nite

07feb12:00 pmLunch 'N Learn

08feb7:30 pmHome 'Beis'

12feb7:00 pmCafe Nite

14feb12:00 pmLunch 'N Learn

15feb7:30 pmHome 'Beis'

19feb7:00 pmCafe Nite

21feb12:00 pmLunch 'N Learn

22feb7:30 pmHome 'Beis'

26feb7:00 pmCafe Nite

28feb12:00 pmLunch 'N Learn

29feb7:30 pmHome 'Beis'


01mar6:30 pmSold Out!FeaturedFriday Night Dinner!

04mar7:00 pmCafe Nite

06mar12:00 pmLunch 'N Learn

07mar7:30 pmHome 'Beis'

11mar7:00 pmCafe Nite

13mar12:00 pmLunch 'N Learn

14mar7:30 pmHome 'Beis'

18mar7:00 pmCafe Nite

20mar12:00 pmLunch 'N Learn

21mar7:30 pmHome 'Beis'

25mar7:00 pmCafe Nite

27mar12:00 pmLunch 'N Learn

28mar7:30 pmHome 'Beis'


01apr7:00 pmCafe Nite

03apr12:00 pmLunch 'N Learn

04apr7:30 pmHome 'Beis'

05apr6:30 pmSold Out!FeaturedFriday Night Dinner!

08apr7:00 pmCafe Nite

10apr12:00 pmLunch 'N Learn

11apr7:30 pmHome 'Beis'

15apr7:00 pmCafe Nite

17apr12:00 pmLunch 'N Learn

18apr7:30 pmHome 'Beis'

22apr7:00 pmCafe Nite

24apr12:00 pmLunch 'N Learn

25apr7:30 pmHome 'Beis'

29apr7:00 pmCafe Nite