Tebow Revisited

Earlier in the week, we pondered about how we feel about Tim Tebow’s expression of his faith and the phenomena of “Tebowing” in general.

My thoughts (Yes the views expressed here are those of Rabbi B. and do not necessarily represent the views of MesorahDC or any sponsor): I think it’s great. No you won’t catch me in the pose..ever! Nor is it something we as the Jews should ever do, but the fact that he is doing it, I think, is a good thing for two reasons:

1. Something we should never take for granted is the freedom of religion that we, as Jews are blessed with in     this country. While we may not agree or adhere to someone else’s faith, the fact the he or she is permitted and comfortable to practice should only reinforce the privilege that we have to practice our religion. Freedom of religion, as granted in The United States of America, is unique in the world and in history. It is something we should cherish and constantly be conscious of and thankful for.

2. While we are confident in our faith as absolute truth, I think it to be positive if the rest of the world is practicing some religion. As long, of course, as ones religious beliefs don’t promote harming or endangering others. MesorahDC guest speaker, Dr. Norman Blumenthal, last week spoke about the “3 F’s” as factors in stress. Family, Friends, and Faith-no matter what that faith may be. In short, when not abused, religion can play a vital role in creating a healthy society. I believe the healthier society is around us, the better off we all are.

Obviously this discussion could fill a 500 page discourse and a brief blog entry certainly cannot do justice. Just something to think about. What do you think? Please let me know.