If you haven’t heard, where have you been? America has come down with a severe case of Tebow Mania.  Denver Bronco’s quarterback, Tim Tebow, has led his team to a string of “miracle” victories (until today), and while football pundits debate whether or not this guy is for real, the nation is taking notice.

Possibly, more so than Tim Tibow’s football accomplishments though, the buzz is about the QB’s faith and his expression thereof. Tebow , a Christian, is often seen praying on the sidelines and never conducts an interview without profuse mention of his faith. The “pose” that Tebow prays in has been coined by many as “Tebowing” and has caught on to the extent that 2 high school students in N.Y. were suspended this week for blocking the hallways of school “Tebowing.” SNL even has a parody about this guy!

Simple question. As American Jews, how should we feel about Tim Tebows open religious expression? How does it make you feel? Check in later this week and I will share what I’ve been pondering. Until then, have a wonderful week!